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  • Elementary Instruction serves as support to the staff and families of our 20 elementary schools, as well as our Transitional Kindergarten, Spanish Magnet, Academies for Advanced Learning, STEM Academy at Riverview, Montessori at Carl Sundahl, K-8 Independent Study Charter, and several related district departments.  Our mission is to provide leadership for instructional strategies, curriculum materials, school-wide structures and relationships that can ensure that all of our students have the best opportunities for success and achievement. 
    Homework Information

    Through careful analysis of recent research the elementary ELA/ELD and Math Lead Teachers are recommending the following considerations be applied to nightly and weekly homework assignments:

    According to the research, in order to “get it right” homework should:

    • Be brief.
    • Make sure to only include research-aligned and standards-based tasks.
    • Not be a project.
    • Reinforce skills already taught in the classroom. Nothing should be sent home that is at the student’s instructional level. All work sent home should be at each student's independent level.

    Recommendations regarding homework that fit the criteria have been given to teachers and principals. Homework is a site-based decision, so variations may exist from school to school. If parents have any questions, they may direct them to the principal of their particular site.

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