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  • ABSENT (MakeUps)

    You can make up what was missed IN class the day you return.

    Students are responsible for letting the teacher know during roll call that they were absent and should ask what they can do to make it up. We will usually do this during the warm up for the day.



    The office will have a PE assignment for you. It is to create a calendar of fitness activities you did each day. It may consist of walking around the block or simply explaining how you did 2 sets of pushups, 20 body weight squats. and stretched while listening to music. If you were on an activity type of vacation you could explain how you walked for 2-3 hours around the amusement park and some of the rides you went on. Or maybe you swam in the ocean or lake for 45 minutes! The possibilities are endless ;-)



    We could sure use some updated equipment for our school year. If you would like to donate...

    Amazon donations (badminton rackets, volleyballs (outdoor softouch), footballs...)


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