• Upcoming Important Dates: (Dates subject to change)

    Wed (10/23)- In class retake for Scientific Process Unit Test. Will be working on test corrections in class on Friday, Oct. 18th.


    Mon (10/28)- States of Matter Practice Test



    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Due to some of my classes not doing well on the Scientific Process Unit Test, we will be using Friday's class period to do test corrections in class along with some reteaching to help them improve their understanding of the concepts covered in this test. Next week on Wed (10/23), I'm planning on having students retake a different version of that test as an opportunity to demonstrate their learning. I'm planning on posting the orginial scores students received for this test on the online gradebook, however, it will not affect their current grade. Once the retake test is graded, I will keep the higher score in the gradebook and then change the settings to reflect their grade. Just wanted to explain why the gradebook may look a little different than you are use to.



    Mrs. Milobar



    Classroom Wish List : Here is a list of items that would be greatly appreciated if donated to the classroom (Thank you for your donations!!)


    • Glue Sticks!!
    • Dry-Erase Markers!!
    • Blue 3M painter's tape! (Must be the 3M type)
    • handsoap (antibacterial preferred) 
    • Tissues
    • Rags (used rags ok)
    • Other Items not seen on list will also be gladly accepted!

    Teacher: Mrs. Milobar
    Room #: 310
    Subject: 7th Grade Science
    Prep: 6th Period
    (Email is preferred method of communication)
    Email: SMilobar@fcusd.org


      Welcome to 7th grade Science! This year will be filled with lots of labs, laughter, and learning. To help you get the resources needed to be successful in my class, I will continuously update my website throughout the school year. On my website, you will be able to find handouts, homework chart with assignments, PowerPoints used in class, and test prep information among with many other resources. Please take to time to become familiar with my website as it will be used as an extension of the classroom. My website is designed to be user-friendly for both parents and students. I look forward to a very fun and exciting year working with all of you.

    Suggested Materials*:

    •        1 Composition Notebook (college rule)
    •        1 Folder to hold returned work
    •        Highlighters (at least 2 colors)
    •        Pens and Pencils
    •        Binder Paper
    •        Color Pencils
    •        Calculator (same as the one for math class)
    •        Ruler (make sure it has metric units… cm and mm)
    •        Glue stick (will be used often)
    •        Hair Tie for students with long hair (Lab Safety)

    *If these materials are a financial burden, please let me or your child’s counselor know.