Guanajuato    ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!
                                      Sra. López
                   Room #411 (same room, different number)
                          I teach Spanish 1A, 1B, and 2.
    Welcome to my Spanish class! 
    Dear Parents: 
    I am a biliterate and bilingual educator who embraces a multilingual perspective on teaching and learning.  I focus on the academic language of Spanish as the primary means of instruction and view student's knowledge of other languages as an asset in developing each student's linguistic skills for student success.  
    Teaching for biliteracy and bilingualism involves strategic lessons to help students develop the Spanish language as a second or third language.  Spanish is the primary means of instruction, but along the way, students naturally bridge to English for understanding and this is normal in developing literacy.  Increased success in learning Spanish has been achieved by instructing in how the two languages relate while strengthening both languages at the same time.  Student's transfer knowledge of English conventions into Spanish, developing metalinguistic awareness and how language works for both.   It usually takes between 4-9 years to become biliterate and bilingual in another language.  Persistence is key!
    Middle School students at Folsom Middle are equipped with various levels of English proficiency and the reality is that I am strengthening both languages side by side.  I introduce grammar terms that some younger students have not seen in their English class.  This makes learning Spanish an abstract thought and relating to the language sometimes difficult.  Students will bring in any language strengths in English to learn Spanish.  I use these strengths as an asset and develop their linguistic abilities from there.  
    Furthermore, I understand the similiarities and differences between English and Spanish linguistically.  I teach students how to identify the differences between the two languages in regards to pronunciation, how they are similar and different morphologically through true and false cognates and how setence structure (syntax) is similar and different when forming thoughts orally and in writing.  Students learn this foundation in Spanish 1A and continue to develop this through the other levels in their daily reading, writing, speaking and listening practice.
    Each level I teach is a year long and all grammar terms build upon each other getting more complex along the way.  If needed, asking for clarification is key for increased success.  Practicing outside of class with peers in the same class helps with developing their speaking skills.  Listening to the language through movies, shows and/or music will help develop and train the ear. Student's need to actively be engaged with the language often to increase comprehension.  All students will practice Spanish through Duolingo as another avenue of exposure.  In these ways, students hollistically learn the Spanish language academically and socially as it relates to their life experience.  This is how biliteracy and bilingualism are achieved.  
    Thank you for reading my linguistic approach and I welcome your partnership in your child's language journey!
    Sra. López