• If you need to contact me, the best way to reach me is through email: jold@fcusd.org


    2019-2020 Class Schedule for G-14

    1st: Prep

    2nd: Honors World Cultures

    3rd: DP Global Politics HL1/SL

    4th: Honors World Cultures

    5th: Honors World Cultures

    6th: Prep

    7th: DP Global Politics L2


    All of my grades for assessments for Honors World Cultures (MYP Individuals and Societies) will be posted in Managebac. PowerSchool will be updated with the letter grade a student is earning for progress reports, quarter and semester grades. You will not see assignment scores in PowerSchool, they are in Managebac only. Instructions on how to use Managebac are on the Cordova IB page.


    All of my grades for DP Global Politics are posted in PowerSchool. All assessment scores and grades are posted in PowerSchool for this course.