• Señora Bolton                                                   
      Spring 2019
    Block 1 -  Spanish 3
    Block 2 -  Spanish 1                                              
    Block 3-   Prep.          
    B lunch                                  
    Block 4- Spanish 1                                                                        
Mrs. Michele Bolton



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Mrs. Michele Bolton

 Hello Vista students and families. I am currently teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 3. After a summer that included a great trip to Disneyland and camping on the coast, I am looking forward to a fun and productive school year. I have been teaching for over twenty years. I enjoy sharing my love of the Spanish language and encourage the students to be bilingual. It is an empowering accomplishment that students will value throughout their lives and careers. If you have any questions about the class or concerns about student progress please contact me by email at mbolton@fcusd.org. Also, students are encouraged to come to my class during flex time with questions.  
The Spanish 1 and 3 curriculums move at a rapid pace. For each unit there is a quiz on approximately the 6th day of instruction and a chapter test on approximately the 10th day of instruction. Students must study at home to keep up. There are always vocabulary words to memorize and verb conjugations to master. Homework is usually assigned from the workbook but even when that is complete more time should be spent reviewing the material. 
It is also vital that students participate in class. We do many speaking activities in class that are designed to help students interalize the language objectives. Research shows that the more a word is spoken in context the faster it is learned. 
I wish for all students to succeed. Let's do this together.
Michele Bolton
 Please note: Assignments, notes, etc. will be posted in Google Classroom. 
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