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    Advisory is the best time to get a hold of me for student help 8:50-9:13 M-Th or email.  I do my best to respond to messages and emails with in a day.

    Every Choice Matters!
    Welcome amazing families and students, 
    Together we will make 6th grade science a grand adventure for all.  Your scientist in training has a wonderful large new room, new materials, and new curriculum in store for them.  The year will start with developing relationships for a safe learning environment, classroom expectations, and safety.  I will be posting the weekly agenda with learning targets, daily activities, what is due, if any handouts are given, and more information in the 6th grade Agenda and Homework tab on the left.  Find the week and click on it to open the tab.  The actual agenda in class may vary slightly depending on pacing. I do try to update during the week several times. Please use the Agenda and Homework tab to monitor students progress while comparing it to powerschool.  I will share tips at back to school night with you to be sure your scientist is learning and participating.  I do not generally give homework.  I give classwork with time in class to complete the work. Any unfinished classwork does become homework.  However, if your child is spending more that 15-30 minutes a week on science at home we should get together and brainstrom and solve he concern. Please keep in touch with me and check in on your student when you have questions. I am so looking forwrd to working with each of you this year.  Together we will all have a fantastic year in science.  I so appreciate you, your support, and time.
    Mrs O'Boyle 


    Let the adventure begin!


         A exploratory laboratory situation in which students inquire, research, and analyze while acquiring skills and knowledge through participation in a wide range of activities, projects, labs, related to reading, writing, and discussion.

    Our main science topics are as follows: Systems and subsystems in Earth and Life Science: The Atmosphere and Energy; Cells, Earth Systems, Weather, and Organisms: Weather; Traits; Bodies, Regional Climates, Global Warming, and Living Systems: Climate; Genes.

    Consumables: Interactive Student Notebook 1 given at the beginning of the year and 2 will be given out in the fall


    • Science Notebook – for Science ONLY - may use for open note tests and quizzes         
    • Two Pocket Folder – for Science ONLY-will use daily
    • Blue or Black Pens-will use daily
    • Sharpened Pencils and Sharpener with a lid
    • 8 ½ x 11 College Ruled Paper
    • Highlighters- green, yellow, and pink
    • Sharpened Colored Pencils/Color Crayrons
    • Reading Book- when all work is completed students may read quietly
    • White Out, Post Its

    Classroom Wish List --Thank You in advance for any and all donations large or small:

    • Reams of copier paper white and/or colored
    • Tissue Boxes & Paper Towels
    • Poster Paper Post Its
    • Rolls of Tape & Glue Sticks
    • Colored Pencils and Crayons
    • Pencils and Pencil Sharpeners
    • Microbial clothes and hand soap "not hand sanitizer or clorox wipes" (students and staff are no longer able to use hand sanitizer in class or clorox wipes as they are now being deemed by OSHA as hazzardous.)  
    Thank You,
    Mrs O'Boyle          Kona Splat Sunset




    The Next Generation Science Standards

    Science education is going through an exciting shift, implementing more hands-on, phenomenon based learning to help our students learn how to be critical thinkers and real world problem solvers.



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