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  • Registration Instructions for Alder Creek Elementary 2024 - 25


    Current FCUSD Families

    If you are currently a FCUSD family and will be switching to Alder Creek Elementary for the 2024-25 school year, you DO NOT need to complete a new student pre-enrollment form. You are considered a returning student and you will receive a Returning Enrollment Information form from your student’s current school.

    Please complete the form and return it to your current school with a copy of your current proof of residency. Your current school will notify Alder Creek on your behalf. There is nothing further for you to do until March 1, 2024. On March 1st you will need to log into your PowerSchool Parent Portal and complete the online 2024-25 registration. Once both steps are complete you are done with your registration. You will not receive confirmation, rest assured your registration was received. 

    New FCUSD Families

    If you are new to FCUSD and our schools you will be considered a new student. Beginning January 10th you can pick up a new student registration packet for Alder Creek Elementary at Mangini Ranch Elementary or you can download it by clicking one of the following links.

    TK New Student 

    Kinder - 1st Grade New Student

    2nd - 5th Grade New Student

    We will begin accepting  new student packets, along with a copy of your student’s birth certificate, immunization records and current proof of residency, at our January 23rd registration night. It will be held at Mangini Ranch from 4:00 to 5:30pm in their multi-purpose room. If you can’t make registration night we will be accepting new student pre enrollment forms anytime thereafter in the Mangini Ranch Elementary school office from 8:00am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Malissa Thatcher at or 916-294-2465

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  • Important Dates for 2024 - 2025 Enrollment

    FCUSD Enrollment Process - Elementary & Secondary Schools      

    February 2 - Secondary School Choice form due

    March 1 - Electronic Enrollment (InfoSnap) begins for all new and returning students - InfoSnap goes live

    March 15 - Elementary School Choice form due

    March 31 - Enrollment deadline for returning students


    Click here for more Enrollment information

  • 2024-25 Enrollment Process for New & Returning Elementary and Secondary Students

    Visit your home boundary school website for registration dates and more information. 

    FCUSD Enrollment Process - Elementary & Secondary Schools       

    Important deadlines:
    February 2 - Secondary School Choice form due
    March 1st - Electronic Enrollment (InfoSnap) begins for all new and returning students - InfoSnap goes live
    March 15 - Elementary School Choice form due
    March 31st - Enrollment deadline for returning students

    Enrollment Process for Returning Students
    PowerSchool online enrollment will be from March 1-March 31, 2024. The PowerSchool online enrollment process will require your PowerSchool Parent Portal username and password. If you don’t know this information, contact your child’s school.

    Enrollment Process for Matriculating Students
    • Students matriculating from an FCUSD school from 5th to 6th or from 8th to 9th are required to provide proof of residency. 
    • Current FCUSD students changing schools in the middle of the school year are required to provide proof of residency.

    Enrollment Process for New Elementary Students

    New Elementary Registration Form ENG
    New Elementary Registration Form SP
    New Elementary Registration Form RUS

    Class Sizes and Availability

    How to Enroll

    Enrollment Process for New Secondary Students

    Vista del Lago High School:   There is limited space at Vista del Lago High School.  Once Vista del Lago reaches capacity, students will be redirected to Folsom High School. Please see redirection procedures linked HERE..   Note - acceptance into Vista del Lago does not guarantee a parking space.  

    IMPORTANT: Priority 3 students (students not currently enrolled in an FCUSD school, but residing within the Vista del Lago attendance area) are encouraged to indicate their intent to enroll by way of submitting a Google form, linked on the Vista del Lago website.  This Google form begins taking submissions on February 1st at 8:00 am.  If it is determined that space is available to enroll priority 3 students, admission will be granted based on the date and time the Google form is submitted.  Parents/guardians will be notified of admission in time for the New Student enrollment date of March 1st. 

    Returning Redirected Process
    The returning redirected process delineates the steps and priority order for returning redirected students back to the homeschool when space has become available. To ensure stability, we do not call students back from overflow after October 31. If you’d like your student to return to their home boundary school after this date, please work with school office staff to help you with this request.

  • 2024-25 Elementary School Choice

    Elementary School Choice Application forms are due March 15, 2024, to your home-boundary school. Home boundary school is based upon the student’s legal residence and the district boundary assigned school.

    School Choice applications are not for entrance to the following schools:

    • Riverview STEM Academy
    • Academy of Advanced Learning at Theodore Judah Elementary

    Please see the school websites for more information on enrollment and acceptance criteria.

    Elementary families must submit school choice forms annually.

    Students who reside within the District attendance area may apply for open enrollment in any District school, provided the school of choice has space available. Applications for school choice open enrollment shall be submitted between February 1 -March 15, 2024. Any choice applications submitted after the deadline may be denied. A student who currently attends a school and resides within that school’s attendance area shall not be displaced by another student who transfers from outside the attendance area.

    School Choice Applications submitted during the registration period will be considered at the same time and not on a first-come, first-served basis. If necessary, the determination of space availability will be selected through a random, unbiased process.

    School Choice Applicants must provide student transportation to and from the CHOICE school.  The approval of your application for School Choice may be revoked at any time if your student fails to comply with the school’s rules regarding completion of assigned work, student behavior, and attendance, including arrival and departure times.

    Elementary School Choice Application ENG
    Elementary School Choice Application SP

  • Overflow Process
    On occasion, FCUSD will need to overflow students in grades TK-5. This occurs when a school is at maximum CSR capacity in grades TK-3, and/or the grade level is at a contractual limit at the time of registration. 

    Returning students and siblings have priority for re-enrollment if completed by the published deadlines. New students who complete registration first have preference for remaining space at the school. Once a grade level is full, or the school is at CSR capacity, overflow students are selected by their FCUSD seniority date.  

    FCUSD tries to keep siblings together during the overflow process. If FCUSD can keep the siblings together, they will be considered overflow students and will be bussed to the receiving school. An effort is made to bring siblings back to the home boundary school if space becomes available. 

    Transportation is provided free of charge from school to school for students who have been redirected to another school. Home boundary school office staff will facilitate paperwork and give parents/guardians the bus route number, bus stop location, and pick-up time. Parents are asked to assist students so that they get on the bus at their home boundary school.

    Returning Overflow Process
    FCUSD makes an effort to return overflowed students to the home school when space becomes available. Office staff will keep track of the students overflowed and can update parents on the wait list upon request. To ensure classroom stability, we do not call students back from overflow after October 31. If you’d like your student to return to their home boundary school after this date, please work with school office staff to help you with this request. 

    Spots may open at the home boundary school due to attrition. The turnover of students during the school year can be difficult to predict. This time frame could be a few days, weeks, months, or an indefinite period depending on whether there is a drop in enrollment at your home school. 

    Appeal process
    Parents/guardians may appeal in writing in the order below. Please include detailed information regarding your concerns and circumstances in the appeal. The decision by Education Services is final.
    1. Principal
    2. Director of Education Services