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  • 9/28 Teamwork "Grade" Update: After talking with a few parents, I've decided to change the name to Citizenship. The goal is still the same: to provide feedback to students about their choices in class. The idea is to share my observations and that students would reflect, and if needed, make changes. If a student would like to improve a low citizenship grade, that would be great! Take a moment to reflect on

    1. The choices you made (what you did)

    2. Why your behavior(s) are a problem for other students, for yourself, and for your teacher

    3. How you plan to change your behavior.

    Stop by before school, share your reflections and let's talk!



    Students and parents,

    Get ready for a GREAT school year! We are going to have so much fun -- exploring, investigating, playing, and... learning.

    Looking forward to meeting you!



    Mr. Olsen





    Although not required, I recommend an "engineering notebook". It doesn't have to be fancy. Any notebook that has 80+ pages will work. The paper can be lined, blank, or graph. The important thing is that it is "bound" (i.e. not loose leaf paper in a binder). Students will use it to brainstorm, sketch ideas, and reflect on what they've done and plan to do.

    When I sketch and journal, I use pencil, a few fine tipped colored pens... sometimes a ruler. Pen vs. pencil? Whatever works best for you. None of these items are required. Again, as long as you have a notebook to record your ideas, you are welcome to use whaever works best for you. 

If at first you don't succeed, try again
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