• Ms. Pratt
    IM 2 
    Periods 2, 3 and 7
    Google Classroom Codes for IM 2: 
    Period 2: xozeuk
    Period 3: xk0osp0
    Period 7: eqjzkx
     IM 3
    Periods 4 and 5
    Google Classroom Codes for IM 3: 
    Period 4: pver0d6
    Period 5: slkidzb
    Things students have access to in Google Classroom:
    PDF Files of the textbook
    PDF Notes from the student journal (posted after the lesson)
    Access to electronic assignment through Big Ideas
    Please note: Current grades will be found on Powerschool. Managebac will only be used at the quarter (IM 3 will ONLY use Powerschool).