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    Create - a - Game!

     Students will create their own games while working in groups. 

    They will then video their games/rules and download into google classroom.


    Google Classroom

    1st Period:       ygfnqel

     2nd Period:      acfwhpz
    4th Period:       t67v7ti
                                                                                               5th Period:       v4jsp7
                                                                                               6th Period:       9v3t30
                                                                                               7th Period:       k95xffr 
    AVS Video Editor
    Video Star
    Cute Cut
    Video Chop 

    Uploading a Video to Google Drive

    1. Download the free Google Drive app from the App Store. You can log into this app using your UMN x500 username and password.
    2. On the iMovie home page, with your movie in lights, tap the Export icon at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Choose Camera Roll.
    4. Choose an export size from the pop-up menu.
    5. Exit iMovie.
    6. Open the Google Drive app.
    7. Tap the + icon and choose Upload Photo or Video
    8. From the Camera Roll pop-up tap your video
    9. Tap Use
    10. Your video will appear in My Drive and in Uploads with a new name like Video DATE TIME.mov, not the name you gave it within your iMovie app

    When a video is uploaded to Google Drive you can share it by email using the Google Drive App

    1. Tap the Arrow following the name of the video, a new menu will open
    2. Slide Available Offline to On
    3. Tap the Export icon (this will also let you rename your movie)
    4. Tap Share
    5. Type the email addresses you want to share the video with
    6. Tap Add
    (please sign and return)
    (if medically excused please turn this in)
    Please Note: 
    We have updated the fitness testing scores...
    They can be found under class handouts
    Fitness Testing Scoring
     10 points
     9 points
     8 points
     7 Points
     6 Points
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