• I am a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan. 

                                                     Ms. Aquila      
    Welcome to U.S. history. I am excited to have a great year with the kids. Be prepared to work hard this year but learn a lot. Homework is listed in the homework folder. I will try and do it either by the week or by the unit. Please check that folder. HW is also listed on the board on class. Students will  have HW often in this class. Students need to be sure to ask questions if they don't understand because the state expects them to learn 300 years of history this year. Students will also be doing more writing due to the  common core standards. 
    Parents: I am looking forward to a fun year. Please ask your child what the due dates are and how to complete the assignments before emailing me. It is important their education be a partnership between the parents, student and me. Specific directions are often given to students in class both visually and verbally to help them complete assignments.  Please be patient when waiting for a response via email. I will make an honest effort to return emails within 2 work days. I am not one to sit behind my computer  but spend time working with kids and am up front teaching class. My prep period and before school are often spent working on other work tasks including 504 meetings, IEPS, plan meetings etc. If I don't respond within 2 work days, please resend the email because or spam filter sometimes filters out emails I  need and sends through ones it shouldn't. Students should keep their IAN(interactive notebook) up to date. Wherever we are in class is where their notebook should be complete to. For example, when  I start teaching unit 2, therefore the items we  have worked on in class for unit one need to be complete.  Thanks so much.
    My contact information (laquila@fcusd.org) is listed on the course expectations on page one of the student's notebook. Please discuss the grade/ assignment/issue with the child prior to emailing me. Education is a triangle of all three of us, so students need to ask questions and explain to the parent what is going on so we can all make this year successful for the student.
    My schedule is as follows: Advisory
       1, 2,3, 4, LUNCH, 6, PREP- U.S. History
    Ms. Aquila (laquila@fcusd.org)