• Welcome Back to School! 

    My name is Mrs. Yen.  We are looking forward to working with you and your parents/guardians in making 2019-2020 a spectacular year!  Please come prepared with supplies listed in the "Math Syllabus" on the first day of school.  Donations of any school supplies, cleaning wipes, and Kleenex are always welcomed and appreciated.  Our success is based on everyone being cooperative, hard-working, prepared, reasonable, respectful, and responsible people, especially effective communication with me directly via email or in-person.  Homework is assigned daily, so check agendas for the assignment.  Assignments are also on the teacher Website for each class.  Students will be held accountable for copying correct step by step solutions on assignments, checking their grades on Powerschool, and communicating directly with me daily.  One time correction on quizzes and tests on separate sheet of paper are allowed but original must be attached.  Homework must be done on time as we depend on students being able to hold up his/her end of their partnership.  Please understand on-time assignments will be my priority for grading.  My website is a work in progress, so please check back often. 



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