• Dear Students:   
    The following information gives details for our learning targets this week:
    English 7 students continue with root words adding 33-34 study guide along with Vocabulary #13 packet this week.  Students will begin the first few steps of writing their Outsiders characters analysis essay.  Novels will be required every day in class for the next two weeks. Students will be required to complete each step of the writing process in class.  If inclass work is not complete, students will need to finish it for homework in order to be best prepared for the next day in class.
    Honors English 7 students grammar focus is on the participle phrase.  Student groups begin the visual presentation project of a selected character from The Outsiders.  Each group member will be required to complete a minimum of two items on the poster project.  Groups will decide on the poster layout together before beginning the process of completing the final poster.  Teacher will provide the poster board.  Groups will also complete a slide presentation on their character.  Both the poster and the slide presentation are due at the end of class on Friday.
    Please note: The supplies listed on the letter/contract sent home are suggested materials and are not required of any student or family to fully participate in the school’s academic program. All required materials and supplies will be provided by schools to students at no cost if these items are not readily available from the students. I recognize that many families wish to provide supplies for their own students and are welcomed to do so at any time. This is greatly appreciated.                                                                                       
    Mrs. Ruskauff                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
    Contact Information:                                                        
    extension:  320206                                                               
    Room R6      
                           Wish List for Classroom:       
    * binder paper        *  printer paper      * pencils                                                                                                       * tissues    * red ball point pens