• Dear Students,
              It is a pleasure to work with you this 2022-2023 school year as you make progress in English 7 and Honors English 7.  Please note that I have high expectations for you this school year and wish for you to set high standards for yourselves.  
         I have taught grades 7-12 and entry-level college English courses through Oregon Institute of Technology.  I have taught in the North Bay area, the Sacramento area and in Central Oregon.  I have taught other classes besides English which include drama, social studies and leadership.  I have also been a cheer-leading and drill team coach. 
               I have worked in many different job fields, including: training cutting horses, working in banking, warehouse work, retail, and restaurant services.  In high school I was actively involved in the drama department.  I continued with this passion in my first two years of college, taking classes in drama and the theater arts.  I also studied journalism before majoring in English.
         I love hiking, camping, fishing, boating, traveling, snow skiing, quading, horseback riding, swimming, reading, writing, biking, discovering new places, having adventures and traveling with my son and husband.
              I love to read good writing, and I love to teach writing.  I really look forward to getting to know each of you this school year.  Please know I believe one of the best things about being an English teacher is reading your creative stories and informative or argumentative essays.  I think young people have some of the funniest and most interesting points of view about life and write in the most honest perspectives.  I cannot wait to read what you have to share in your writing.
    Sincerely Your Teacher,
    Mrs. Ruskauff       X sailing