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    FCUSD Roadmap to Reopening plan (updated September 24)


    Board Briefs and Updates: October 23

    School Reopening Updates

    At last night’s Board meeting an update on school reopening was presented along with the District’s goals of minimizing disruption for students and staff, while concurrently maintaining health and safety precautions and delivering the highest level of instruction possible for all students. Please keep reading.

    Elementary Education:

    During the last two weeks, Elementary school principals have been reaching out to both families and staff to learn who will return in Hybrid and who will remain 100% remote in a school’s Virtual Academy. 

    Matching students to their current teachers is the primary goal, which is dependent on both student and teacher having the same schedule, which on rare occasions may still necessitate a change due to other site-based scheduling needs. In instances where schedules do not align, every effort will be made at the student’s site to accommodate the family’s wishes for their child. Families whose priority is to stay at their school of residence will have that opportunity, however, teacher scheduling requests may not be possible. School sites are rebalancing class rosters now. Families will be notified of placement by end of next week.

    Timeline of decision making for Elementary

    • 9th - Initial surveys to staff and families 
    • 15th - Q and A Session for Elementary Reopening specifics 
    • 16th - Resurvey elementary staff 
    • 21st - Resurvey/Communicate to Families 
    • 23rd - Rebalance classes based on gathered information 
    • 30th - Parent notification of placement 

    Other Information

    • Transportation will be offered for Elementary PM sessions
    • Lunches will be “grab-and-go”
      • Breakfast will be provided for schools that provide this service
    • Recess will look different. Supervised, small group Breaks will be part of the school day, allowing students to eat a snack and to stretch, move, and play, with all health and safety guidelines in place. Students will be kept with their AM or PM small group cohort of students during the Break.

    Secondary Education:

    The complexity of secondary schedules creates challenging circumstances as we transition to offering both Hybrid and Virtual scenarios simultaneously.

    Staff leaders in Curriculum & Instruction and ETIS, are working together to bring technological solutions to this complex challenge. Livestreaming capabilities in the classroom will help foster student/teacher interaction and minimize schedule disruptions.

    Please note: Livestreaming will be synchronous instruction and will follow the Board approved A/B schedules.  

    The technology equipment needed to set up livestreaming is being procured now, and is scheduled to begin to arrive on October 30. 

    Key notes:

    • Students can attend in-person or virtually for synchronous learning
    • Students in-person and virtual will be able to interact with one another and their teacher by using the newly installed cameras and the current classroom AV systems
    • Technology for livestreaming was purchased with one-time CARES Act funds.

    For more information on livestreaming, please see the most recent FAQs below.


    From 4:00 p.m. - 5 p.m., the District presented a Budget Study Session to examine the overall budget and projections for the next three years. We began public Budget Study Sessions in November 2018, and continue informing and engaging public participation. We are in a funding deficit.  As we look at ways to balance the budget, we affirm the guiding principles:

    • Reduce expenditures 
    • Minimize impact to students
    • Minimize potential layoffs
    • Review programs 

    The presentation is attached here

    The next Budget Study Session will be:

    November 5, 4:00 pm. To 5:00 p.m.

    During the Board Meeting, Rhonda Crawford, the Chief Business Operator presented the 2020-21 Revised Budget Book

    Updated FAQs:

    These will be added to our website: www.fcusd.org/ReopeningFAQ

    Cameras in Secondary classrooms

    Once the livestreaming is procured, how long will it take to be installed and teachers trained?

    Installation and training time will vary. ETIS will map our installation schedules with the secondary sites. Every effort is being made to complete installation as soon as possible. Allowing teachers the maximum time to learn the equipment and plan for the Hybrid and Virtual environments. 

    Will this livestreaming take place in elementary?

    No. Elementary Hybrid sessions are close to three hours long, with a single teacher. Such a lengthy time for livestream synchronous screen time would be undesirable for Elementary students.  

    Have we considered staggering the Middle School reopening times to coincide with the different grading periods? Are Middle Schools still opening on November 30?

    Mills and Mitchell are on a semester schedule and will begin their second semester on January 4. Folsom Middle and Sutter are on trimester schedules. Their second trimester will begin on November 9. For more information please see the 2020-21 Instructional Calendar. 

    There is not a “one-size fits all” that will accommodate the two different grading periods for all four of our Middle Schools. Other factors to consider with Middle School reopening is the time for installation and teacher training of new, live stream technology, student needs for in-person or virtual instruction, guidance from SB98, and staffing considerations. 

    Reopening timelines for Middle Schools will be an agenda item at the upcoming Board meeting on November 5.

    Who would monitor students in a classroom if the teacher is virtual?

    FCUSD staff will be present to supervise students. 

    What is the timeline for livestreaming equipment to arrive?

    The technology equipment needed to set up livestreaming is being procured now, and is scheduled to begin to arrive on October 30.

    What does it look like if a teacher is working remotely? - 

    Teachers currently have laptops which they are using to deliver instruction. They will continue to deliver instruction as they have for Distance Learning. The supervising staff in the classroom would utilize the classroom AV to display the teacher and instruction on the screen. While the technology for projection and sound will be improved for classroom application, livestreaming will be similar to video conferencing during Distance Learning.

    Will students in class and students at home be able to hear each other?

    Utilization of the current classroom AV students and the new camera/microphone/speaker equipment will allow students at home and in the classroom to interact.

    How secure is the camera that will be used in class

    The same securities in place now, to keep the videoconferencing channels secure will be in place for livestreaming in class. Teachers will be utilizing the technology tools that are best for teaching, demonstrating or displaying information. The cameras are an instructional tool, and the teacher will decide how and when they are best used to deliver/enhance instruction. 

    What is the difference between the cameras teachers are currently using now for Distance Learning and the cameras that would be used in the classroom?

    A laptop camera is not sufficient when attempting to display the teacher or other resources in the classroom. The new equipment offers more robust options, but the parameters of usage are the same.


    Transportation, Schedules, and Sanitization...


    What will bus schedules be like in Hybrid?

    Safety protocols are being determined at each school site. While sites have unique situations, all sites will abide by consistent safety measures per public health guidelines.

    Bus service will be available for students with special needs, PM Elementary sessions, and Secondary education. More information and details will be forthcoming.

    Parents will need to apply for a bus pass at 2020-2021 Bus Pass Application

    Transportation guidelines for the 2020-2021 Hybrid model:

    • All students will wear cloth face coverings.
    • Windows and air vents on top of the bus will be opened to increase fresh air flow.
    • Staggered seating - transportation will attempt to have 6 foot distance between driver and passengers if possible. 
    • Maximum of 27 students on larger buses. Walking distances will be revised in order to accommodate fewer students. 
    • Hand sanitizer upon entry to the bus. 
    • Presence on bus means parents have screened students and are not sending a sick child to school (see FCUSD Symptom Screening Checklist English or  Spanish)
    • Daily sanitization of high touch surfaces on buses.

    Can Hybrid students transfer to being Virtual?

    Yes, in fact, that is one of the advantages of having teachers livestream. Hybrid students who may need to stay home for a period of time, can still have access to their class, and then return to class when ready.  

    Sanitization and cleaning

    Can teachers be in the classrooms while the custodial staff is sanitizing between cohorts?

    Individuals can be present during sanitization. Because of the non-toxic disinfectant we use, it is safe for teachers to be in rooms while it is sanitized. Please continue to remember, that the less cluttered desks and surfaces are, the more effective sanitization will be.

    How often do you recommend cleaning the bathrooms and high touch areas?   

    Restrooms are scheduled to be "cleaned" once a day (not counting "situational" cleanups). We are also setting a minimum goal that they are sanitized two times during the school day, in addition to cleaning. Cleaning involves wiping, scrubbing, mopping, filling dispensers, as well as sanitizing. Sanitizing is spraying disinfectant on all fixtures and touchpoints. 


    Other updates…

    COVID-19 Health and Safety:

    As in-person presence is increasing on our campuses, and we are slowly bringing back our students in small groups, we want to reinforce our health and safety procedures. Before coming onto campus, please screen for symptoms by referring to the atta documents”

    Please refer to these daily before you our your student comes onto to campus

    Additionally, please remember when on campus to: 

    • Wear a mask
    • Follow directional signs
    • Wash hands frequently
    • Practice social distancing

    ICYMI: Please watch the informational night we hosted last week. You will hear from local health professionals to address current data on COVID and answer staff questions. 

    Click here to view the Oct 13 FCUSD Staff: COVID Health and Safety Information Night and Q&A


    Reminder: Free Flu Shot Clinic!

    Provided in partnership with Sacramento County Public Health

    Place: Cordova High School

    Date: November 3

    Time: 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

    No appointment. Walk-up service 


    Athletic conditioning to expand

    Per approval from Sacramento County Public Health on 10/22/20, FCUSD will increase the athletic conditioning cohorts to 25 students per 2 coaches for outdoor activities and maintain the 14 students per 2 coaches for indoor activities beginning Oct. 26, 2020.  The usage of sports balls has been approved. For more information, please contact Peter Maroon at pmaroon@fcusd.org

    Plans to expand and allow other extra-curricular activities are forthcoming and as we create the necessary safety measures to begin as soon as safely possible.  


    Music Instruction is going strong!

    Did you know that we expanded music instruction during Asynchronous learning? The Elementary Music department was excited to begin the 20200-21 school year while embracing Distance Learning. They were given the assignment to expand from teaching our 3,100 4th and 5th grade students to include grades TK-3 as well! Their group of 10 Music Teachers is currently serving all 9,000 Tk-5th grade students while we are in the Distance Learning phase.

     Head over to the  Music Instruction website to learn more, or click on these links to watch some of their group music videos:  The Lion Sleeps Tonight Arirang Team FCUSD Pass the Pumpkin Dem Bones

    Update: October 16

    Dear FCUSD Community: Please see today’s updates below and continue to visit www.fcusd.org/2020-21schoolyear to see this and past messages sent. 

    ETIS Notice: Technical issue with email

    We are currently troubleshooting an issue in which teachers are unable to email students’ FCUSD email addresses. We hope to have the issue resolved early next week. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Elementary Parent Information and Q&A Night: Hybrid Reopening 

    Folsom Cordova Unified School District is preparing to welcome elementary students and staff back for in-person instruction in a Hybrid model on November 9. In order to address community questions, the District hosted a virtual informational night and Q&A session on October 15 to explain instructional options and outline health protocols. Comments and questions were collected through Thoughtexchange, an online crowdsourcing tool that allows participants to submit a question or thought and then rank other participant’s submissions. Top-ranked questions and highest-rated thoughts submitted last night were brought to the top of the conversation, which allowed District staff the opportunity to respond and answer.

    Click here to the watch the October 15, FCUSD Elementary Parents: Reopening Schools Information Night and Q&A

    Click here to view Thoughtexchange results

    Major points to note from the presentation:

    • October 21: Announcement of teachers who will be assigned the Hybrid or Virtual Academy
    • October 21: Elementary parents will receive a follow-up survey to choose either Hybrid instruction or the Virtual Academy.
    • October 23: Rebalancing of classes will be completed
    • Every effort to keep students with their current rostered teacher will be made, although as schools rebalance their classrooms this cannot be guaranteed. 

    The top-rated themes/questions included:

    • Why can’t elementary begin in January, after Winter Break?
    • How will I know if my student’s teacher will be in the Hybrid or Virtual Academy?
    • What will the Virtual Academy look like?
    • What are the protocols if a student or staff tests positive for COVID-19?
    • How will classrooms be sanitized, in between AM/PM cohorts?
    • If I begin in Hybrid but want to switch to the Virtual Academy or vice versa, will I be able to do that?
    • It’s cold and flu season, how will students who are sick be evaluated?
    • What happens if the county cases start to surge, and we are moved back into Tier 1?
    • What if students refuse to wear a mask, and are masks mandatory?

    Please see the attached document with responses to these questions from last night’s information and Q&A. These questions will also be incorporated in our Frequently Asked Questions. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For updated answers to frequently asked questions, please visit our website:


    Secondary students schedules and updates

    As we plan for reopening our secondary schools, more information and discussion will be shared in the upcoming days and will be included as an agenda discussion item at our upcoming Board Meeting on October 22.

    Additionally, we will be scheduling an information forum, with an opportunity to address common questions for secondary school reopening plans, in the very near future. We will follow the same format as we used for the Elementary Parent Information and Q&A Night. The evening will begin with a presentation of information from staff, followed by a Thoughtexchange opportunity to submit questions to be answered by staff that evening.

    Special Education Cohorts begin opening October 21, 2020

    Please see the updated information and schedule for special education cohorts below:

    • Preschool: 11 Cohorts
    • Elementary:  25 Cohorts
    • Middle School: 7 Cohorts
    • High School: 14 Cohorts
    • ACTT- FLHS: 3 Cohorts

    Transportation will begin 10/26

    Note: not all student cohorts are opening on October 21.  We will open additional cohorts as we are able to safely staff them.  Students who have been assigned to a cohort opening on 10/21 will be notified by the school.  Students assigned to a cohort not opening on 10/21 will be notified by the special education office.  

    Special Board Meeting on 10/15

    The Board met in Closed Session, Thursday, October 15, to provide direction to the negotiation team for the implementation of a Hybrid Learning Model.  The safety of students and staff is of the utmost importance to the Board, as is evidenced by the expenditure of more than 7.4 million dollars provided by CARES Act funding, on items including HVAC units and filters, plexiglass, and other significant PPE accommodations and safety precautions.  

    At the urging of FCEA, we have tried a volunteer system under the most recent MOUs.  The lack of volunteers, however, has left the District understaffed.   

    Based upon this experience, a majority of the Board has directed its team to negotiate the impact and effects of a Hybrid Learning Model which requires a return to in-person teaching.  We know that in-person teaching will not be possible for all teachers.  Accommodations for teachers unable to return will be made in accordance with the law, including but not limited to leaves of absence.  Depending upon student needs, accommodations may include a distance learning position.

    Other updates…

    New school reopening guidelines released from Sacramento County Public Health. To read the full document, please click this link:

    Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Schools, 10-13-20

    Free Flu Shot Clinic, November 3!

    FCUSD and Sacramento County Public Health have teamed up to offer a free flu shot clinic on November 3, from 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. All are welcome and no appointment necessary. For more information, please see the attached flyer  

    UPDATE: October 14

    Dear FCUSD Community:

    We appreciate our community and the many questions you have as we make next step plans for the 2020-21 school year. Updated information has been added to our Frequently Asked Questions page. You will notice that today’s additions are in purple font, so you are able to identify new updates. Please visit our website at:


    Please check back regularly for updates

    Parents of special education students: Special Education will begin notifying families today, October 14, regarding special education cohorts. Special Education will be opening approximately 60 cohorts across the District beginning October 19. Not all cohorts will be opening the week of October 19. As we finalize staffing, we will keep our special education families notified. Transportation will begin the week of October 26.

    If your child has been assigned to a cohort opening on October 19, you will hear from your child’s school.  If your child is assigned to a cohort that is not opening on October 19, parents will be notified by the Special Education Office, and these students will continue on Distance Learning until we are able to open additional cohorts.

    Parents of elementary students: Information regarding school reopening on November 9 will be presented tomorrow evening, Thursday, October 15 from 6:15 - 7:30.

    Families are invited to watch a live YouTube broadcast and participate in a Thoughtexchange opportunity to submit questions that will be answered by District leadership during the event.

    Please note: While all are invited to view and participate tomorrow evening, the information and questions answered will be specific to the upcoming reopening of elementary campuses.

    FCUSD Elementary Parents: Reopening Schools Information Night and Q&A

    Thursday, October 15, 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm

    Click here for the link to watch

    Secondary families: more information will be forthcoming pertaining to the reopening of our middle and high schools. Please continue to visit our FAQ site and reach out to your principal for site-specific information.

    FCUSD Staff Health and Safety Q&A information night: Last night FCUSD staff was invited to a live forum in which local physicians presented information and answered staff questions, regarding current medical information as it pertains to school reopening and COVID risk mitigation. 

    We want to thank Dr. Babb and Dr. Cafarella, both of whom are parents of children in our school district, along with Dr. Kasirye and Dr. Owen, from Sacramento County Public Health, for their generous gift of time and sharing of their expertise.

    To view the entire presentation to staff along with Q&A, please click here: https://youtu.be/0AiOm8om2GE

    While the panel answered as many questions as time allowed, only the top highest-rated questions were addressed. However, we are currently working with our medical experts to provide answers and responses to the top 75 questions and will share as soon as we are able.

    As we gather more data from our staff and families, we will continue to keep you closely informed and updated. We appreciate your partnership and we are dedicated to providing the highest quality and safest educational offerings for all students in our FCUSD community.

    Thank you,

    Update: October 12

    Dear FCUSD Families:

    Last week we shared the news that the Board of Education approved a timeline for reopening our schools in a Hybrid model with the following dates:

    • Elementary: November 9, 2020
    • Middle School: November 30, 2020
    • High School: January 4, 2021

    Last week all parents of Elementary students were sent a survey from their principal, asking if they would be sending their student to campus on November 9 for Hybrid instruction, or wish to remain in 100% remote learning, with all instruction to be delivered via the Virtual Academy.

    Please note: A similar survey for Secondary parents will be forthcoming

    Parents and staff have questions, and in order to answer and allow families more time to make an informed decision, we have extended the deadline for responding to the survey until this Friday at noon.

    Elementary Parent Survey due: Friday, October 16 at noon (updated deadline)

    In order to provide answers to many of the questions, we have heard from parents and staff, and so all can view, we have tabulated and posted our responses. Please visit our website to see today’s updated FAQs:


    Additionally, we are hosting an Elementary Parent Informational Night and Q&A, this Thursday evening.  Families will be able to watch a live YouTube broadcast and participate in a Thoughtexchange opportunity to submit questions that will be answered by District leadership during the event.

    FCUSD Elementary Parents: Reopening Schools Information Night and Q&A

    Thursday, October 15, 6:15 pm – 7:30 pm

    A link to watch and instructions to participate will be sent to all families by Thursday morning

    Please watch for frequent communication to come from the District office, and please also reach out directly to your school-site principal with specific questions regarding your student. We want you to know that every effort is being made to minimize disruption to students and staff, keep our FCUSD community safe, and provide excellence in education as we reimagine this transition. 

    Thank you

    Update: October 9

    Dear FCUSD Families,

    Please see the information below, which outlines decisions made at last night’s Board meeting, as well as other important updates. As we work through the many changes taking place during this unprecedented school year, and as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to keep you informed with frequent updates, and with information on our website that addresses frequently asked questions. To see answers to common questions please visit:


    We are grateful for the collaboration of our staff, students and families as we continue to provide safe and robust learning experiences for all of our students. Please keep reading:


    Reopening Timeline for Hybrid In-Person Instruction

    At the October 8 Board Meeting, the Board approved (4-1) a timeline for returning students to campus for Hybrid In-Person Instruction. Timeline is as follows:

    • November 9: Elementary Schools
    • November 30: Middle Schools
    • January 4: High Schools

    **Reminder that the Board previously approved timelines for

    • September 28: one-on-one assessments
    • October 19: Small cohorts for students with special needs

    School schedules

    Board approved Hybrid schedules on July 14, 2020, to be:

    • Elementary- AM/PM Hybrid
    • Secondary- A/B Hybrid

    *Specifics and more details pertaining to classes and school sites will be forthcoming, however, an outline of schedules is below:

    *Middle schools and high schools operate on varying schedules and grading periods. While all middle schools will reopen for in-person Hybrid on November 30, specific class scheduling will be communicated from each site to families.

    Secondary principals will be reaching out to families soon.

    Safety is our number one priority

    Shout out to the facilities and custodial staff who have worked tirelessly for months to sanitize rooms, clean and retrofit HVAC systems, install Merv13 filters, and allow increased fresh air flow into classrooms.

    Want to see this in action?

    Click here to watch a short video, showing how our facilities are cleaned and sanitized

    Health Services is providing direction for on-campus safety precautions that will include:

    • Surveillance tools for pre-screening
    • Screening for students exhibiting illness while on campus
    • District protocols for contact tracing should an individual test positive for COVID



    Before we can finalize plans for staffing and multi-departmental operations, we need to know how many elementary students will be returning to campus in the Hybrid model or will remain in Distance Learning on November 9

    An Elementary Return to In-Person Hybrid preference survey will be sent to you from your school’s principal.

    Surveys will be open from October 9 - October 14

    Please let your school site principal know if you plan to send your elementary student to campus on November 9 for in-person Hybrid instruction or if you would prefer to remain in Distance Learning.

    As we take this next step to bring students and staff back onto campus, we appreciate your collaboration. We know you will have many questions and both the District and your school site will be communicating regularly with you to answer and address.


    Other Board notes:

    Folsom’s Hope program and facility update

    Since 2012, Folsom's Hope has been working with the District to develop a facility at the Theodore Judah Elementary School site to benefit students and members of the Folsom community, and have worked collaboratively to develop a joint occupancy proposal that was last updated on September 15, 2016. Board approved to make updates to the joint occupancy proposal, regarding construction costs and methods, and use of the property.

    The new project description features two phases, each involving construction of one modular building. The building to be constructed in Phase One will be approximately 4,800 square feet in area, and the building to be constructed in Phase Two will be approximately 3,840 square feet in area.

    Elementary Waiver application

    The District has developed an Elementary Waiver application, that if approved by the Sacramento County Department of Public Health (SCPH) would allow the District to plan for in-person elementary instruction to take place, under any Sacramento County Tier status, and as long as health and safety guidelines are followed as put forth by SCPH. Board approved the Elementary Waiver and directed staff to submit. This process is happening in tandem with the Hybrid opening, to ensure a Nov. 9th elementary opening,

    Upcoming Board meetings - Budget Study Sessions

    Board approved upcoming Budget Study Sessions to take place at these upcoming Regular Board Meetings:

    • October 22, 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.
    • November 5, 4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

    Please watch your email for more information on how to join and participate in the budget study sessions

    SROs on campus

    A presentation was made by a collaboration of student and community groups BAC East Sac X GENup FCUSD, in protest of SRO presence on FCUSD campuses.

    At the June 18, 2020 meeting, the Board approved School Resource Officers (SRO) agreements for the 2020-21 school year with conditions that at the start of the school year, staff bring back the agreements with amendments

    The amended MOUs will be brought to a forthcoming Board meeting. Future fiscal impact will be addressed at the upcoming Board Budget Study Sessions.


    Update: October 2

    Dear FCUSD Community:

    We are in Stage III of our Roadmap to Reopening plan. Please keep reading for more information.

    To quickly recap, we started the year in Distance Learning seven and a half weeks ago and have been diligently working on strategies to safely bring our students and staff back on campus in ways that are thoughtful, safe, and abide by health guidelines set forth by public health.

    This week, Sacramento County was moved into Red, (Substantial) Tier 2 status, per the California Blueprint for a Safer Economy, allowing school districts to return students on campus after 14 days in Tier 2 status, and if all health and safety guidelines are met.

    At the same time, school districts in California may apply for an Elementary Waiver, through the California Department of Education, which would allow elementary students to be on campus, for in-person learning, abiding by health and safety standards set forth by public health, even if the county was moved back to Purple, (Widespread) Tier 1, status.

    We are concurrently applying for the Elementary Waiver, as we take the important and necessary steps to reopen our schools in a Hybrid/Traditional schedule based on county guidelines, and the priorities outlined in our Roadmap to Reopening Plan which are:

    • Health and safety of all students and staff
    • Student learning and social-emotional well-being
    • Supports for students, staff, and families
    • Fiscal and operational viability

    Excited by our new allowances to progress forward, we want our community to know that we have been diligently working for months to provide safe and robust learning for the 2020-21 school year for all of our students, whether that takes place on campus or in Distance Learning.


    July 27: Presented our Written Worksite Safety Plan to staff, with information and resources such as signage to display on sites, and instructions for safely interacting while physically present on campus, including wearing of face coverings and social distancing.

    August 12: First day of school in Distance Learning

    • “Grab and go” meal service offered at every school in the District
    • Ongoing distribution of Chromebooks and hotspots ensuring connectivity for all students

    September 8: Opened Student Childcare for students of FCUSD essential workers

    • Now operating at 11 sites throughout the District, and growing as enrollment increases.

    Note:  all safety protocol measures in place, including Merv 13 HVAC filters installed per FCEA MOU in all designated rooms

    September 24:  Board approved our Roadmap to Reopening allowing action to plan for a  phased approach to returning our students to campus, in alignment with Sacramento County Public Health guidance.

    Including approval for:

    • September 28: One-on-one student assessments
    • October 19: On-campus, small cohorts of students who are special needs            

    Note:  all safety protocol measures in place, including Merv 13 HVAC filters installed per FCEA MOU in all designated rooms       

    September 28: Opened Extended Day Learning Care for Students with Unique Needs, including foster/homeless, low income, and high-risk, at 11 schools in the District.

    Note:  all safety protocol measures in place, including Merv 13 HVAC filters installed per FCEA MOU in all designated rooms

    September 30: Submitted the Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP) to the California Department of Education in order to access and apply CARES Act dollars earmarked to mitigate learning loss for at-risk students.

    October 1 - 5: Enrollment form is available to families of special needs students, to plan a return to campus in small cohorts beginning October 19.

    For more information, please visit:


    Ongoing since the end of 2020-21 school year: Facilities retrofitting of school sites and classrooms with additional safety equipment, such as Plexiglass, directional and spaced markers for traffic flow in accordance with the Written Worksite Safety Plan, increased cleaning of  HVAC and air filtration systems, and sanitization practices for fogging and cleaning classrooms and surfaces.


    October 8: Regular Board Meeting; 6:00 p.m. Open Session

    • Staff will present a proposed timeline for safely and progressively reopening schools for modified, in-person instruction, following the guidelines for Stage III in the FCUSD Roadmap to Reopening.

    For information please visit: www.fcusd.org/virtualboardmeeting

    October 9 - 15:  Following Board approval, all parents/guardians will receive an Enrollment form for either Hybrid instruction or continued distance learning in order to collect information needed for staffing and operations


    More information will be forthcoming, and families will be presented with dates, schedules, and details following Board action on October 8.

    We know you have many questions and as we take steps towards reopening, we will provide you with current and transparent information. Please continue to visit our website at:

    www.fcusd.org/2020-21schoolyear for updates and informational links.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through the many complexities involved with the transition to on-campus learning, and as we create a safe and robust learning experience for all our students and staff.

    Update: September 30

    Dear Folsom-Cordova Special Education Families,

    With careful safety planning, FCUSD is arranging to provide special education services at school, beginning October 19, 2020. The current health guidance allows for cohorts, or groups, of no more than 16 individuals, including students and staff. Cohorts remain constant for classroom instruction and should not interact closely with other cohorts. Each cohort may be divided into smaller groups for increased safety with proper staffing and student ratios. Specialist staff may serve more than one cohort with proper protections.

    We will attempt to keep as many students as possible with their regular teacher. Some staff members and some students will not be able to return to in-person instruction at this time. We will do our best to provide your child with their usual teacher, but some shifts will happen based on available staff and students. We are putting cohorts together now, so that we can plan for your student. Please complete the Enrollment form and submit it as soon as possible, but not later than 12:00 p.m. on October 5, 2020: https://forms.gle/waKRk66u9dDkXj2M9. Students signing up after October 5 will be added if space allows but may not be able to begin in-person services on October 19.

    Please note that students and staff will be required to wear masks. Exceptions for students will be made only with a doctor’s note. If you need a mask for your child, we will provide one.

    Students who are in primarily self-contained programs may be transported and we will need your response not later than October 5, 2020 to ensure we are able to route your child on a bus.

    For sample schedules and additional health guidelines, please click here: https://www.fcusd.org/Page/41213



    Betty Jo Wessinger

    Assistant Superintendent of Special Education

    Director of SELPA            


    Aaron Storey

    Director of Special Education

    Estimadas familias de Educación Especial de Folsom-Cordova,

    Con una cuidadosa planificación de la seguridad, el FCUSD está arreglando para empezar a proporcionar servicios de educación especial en la escuela a partir del 19 de octubre de 2020. La orientación de salud actual permite cohortes, o grupos, de no más de 16 personas, incluyendo estudiantes y personal. Los cohortes se mantienen constantes para la instrucción en el salón de clases, y no deben relacionarse de cerca con otros cohortes. Cada cohorte puede dividirse en grupos más pequeños, para mayor seguridad y para que el personal y la proporción de estudiantes sean adecuados. El personal especializado puede atender a más de una cohorte utilizando las protecciones adecuadas.

    Intentaremos mantener el mayor número de estudiantes posible con su profesor habitual. Algunos miembros del personal y algunos estudiantes no podrán volver a recibir instrucción en persona en este momento. Haremos todo lo posible para que su hijo tenga su maestro habitual, pero algunos turnos se harán según la disponibilidad del personal y los estudiantes. Estamos formando cohortes ahora para poder planificar para su estudiante. Por favor, complete el formulario de inscripción y envíelo lo antes posible, pero no más tarde de las 12:00 p.m. del 5 de octubre de 2020: https://forms.gle/fmUirn4qSFkM77y98. Los estudiantes que se inscriban después del 5 de octubre serán agregados si el espacio lo permite, pero no podrán comenzar los servicios en persona el 19 de octubre.

    Por favor, tengan en cuenta que los estudiantes y el personal tendrán que llevar mascarillas. Las excepciones para los estudiantes se harán sólo con una nota del doctor. Si necesita una mascarilla para su hijo, se la proporcionaremos.

    Los estudiantes que participan principalmente en programas autosuficientes pueden ser transportados y necesitaremos su respuesta no más tarde del 5 de octubre de 2020 para asegurarnos de que podemos llevar a su hijo en un autobús.

    Para ver ejemplos de horarios y pautas de salud adicionales, por favor, haga clic aquí: https://www.fcusd.org/Page/41213




    Betty Jo Wessinger

    Superintendente Auxiliar de Educación Especial

    Directora de SELPA            


    Aaron Storey
    Director de Educación Especial

    Update: September 25 


    Dear FCUSD Families: There are many important discussions and decisions taking place at our Board Meetings and we want to make sure you are informed. Please take a look at a summary of highlights from last night’s Board of Education meeting and additional District News. 

    As a reminder, complete recordings of all Board meetings can be found on our District’s YouTube channel. 

    FCUSD Roadmap to Reopening  

    The Roadmap to Reopening is the District’s comprehensive and phased plan to reopen schools as soon as safely possible and in accordance with guidelines provided by local and state health authorities. At the Board meeting, the FCUSD Roadmap to Reopening was unanimously approved.

    You can also find a link to the Roadmap to Reopening on our website:


    Plan for In-Person Cohorts of Special Education and English Learner Students

    The Board unanimously voted to approve the Plan for In-Person Cohorts of Special Education and English Learner Students to begin.

    • September 28: Implementation of 1:1 assessments
    • October 19: Implementation of small cohorts on campus 

    To view further details, including sample schedules please visit:


    Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan

    During this time of Distance Learning, challenges have been especially significant for Students with Unique Needs: students who are English learners, homeless or foster youth, low income, at-risk, or are in special education. As directed by the CDE,the District has developed a Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan (LCP), which will guide funding priorities for the CARES Act - Learning Loss Mitigation Funds to support Students with Unique Needs.

    The Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan was presented to the Board and was unanimously passed. 

    School Resource Officers (SRO) Memorandum of Understanding Amendment with the City of Folsom and County of Sacramento Sheriff's Office

    A presentation was made regarding the updated language in the MOUs between the District and Sacramento County and the District and the City of Folsom. 

    As a reminder, the Board had previously approved the 2020-21 contract at the June 18th meeting, with the condition of bringing back amendments to the contract that better defined the roles, responsibilities, and accountability of SRO's in our schools.

    Further discussion regarding changes to the language in the MOUs will take place at the next Board meeting on October 8.


    In other news...


    FCUSD Fall Athletics and Activities: reconvening for conditioning and practice starting October 5th 

    In order to ensure our student-athletes are in optimal physical condition for the start of the Fall Season on December 7th, FCUSD is planning to re-start conditioning on October 5th. 

    During the week of September 28 site administrators, athletic directors and coaches will connect with parents and students to ensure athletic clearances are in order and to review guidelines. 

    In addition to athletics, high schools are also preparing a return to extra-curricular activities, such as marching band, drumline, and performing arts. Site administrators and activity advisors are meeting now to coordinate schedules and communication. More information will be forthcoming.

    Please note: Participation in athletics and extracurricular activities is voluntary, at the discretion of families and availability of staff.

    ***Strict adherence to the Sacramento County Public Health Department (SCPH) will be followed. Guidelines include screening, no more than fourteen to two coaches/advisors, not using locker rooms, and minimizing the use of indoor facilities. A minimum distance of 6 feet between individuals must be maintained at all times. Face covering should be worn at all times when not exercising by all. Drop off and pick up locations need to be designated for each program to reduce large gatherings. Each site will follow the Written-Worksite Specific Plan.***


    Riverview STEM Blue Ribbon School 

    Congratulations to Riverview STEM Academy on their selection as a 2020 National Blue Ribbon School! Riverview STEM is recognized in the Exemplary Achievement Gap Closing School category, which places it among the state’s highest performing schools in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups. The 367 schools across the U.S. honored as 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools include 317 public and 50 non-public schools. 

    Riverview STEM Academy is a comprehensive K-5 magnet school. With its focus on science, technology, engineering, and math, students learn to become critical thinkers and problem solvers through an innovative and project-based curriculum.

    The 2020 National Blue Ribbon Schools Awards Ceremony will be held virtually November 12 and 13. Click HERE for instructions on how you can join the celebration. Please join us in congratulating Principal Miller-Powell and the entire Riverview STEM team for this incredible honor. 


    Wellness Resources 

    FCUSD is committed to providing support and information for all areas of wellness for our students, their families, and our staff. Our team of mental wellness professionals continually work with staff and students, and have compiled information and resources on the site:


    Please visit often, as new information is always being added.

    Update: September 11

    Dear FCUSD Families: There are many important discussions and decisions taking place during our time in Distance Learning and we want to keep you informed and engaged. Please see a summary below of recent information. This message along with past update messages can be found at www.fcusd.org/2020-21schoolyear

    Distance Learning agreements reached

    At last night’s Board meeting, the FCUSD Board ratified (4 - 1) two important MOUs. FCEA, which is the bargaining unit that represents Certificated staff, and FCUSD have entered into these MOUs with the intention of creating a distance learning environment in which both staff and students will experience success. These MOUs are the beginning framework on our journey back to in-person learning.

    Please click here to see the MOU agreement: Common Planning Time (CPT) MOU

    Highlights include:

    • The change to Monday schedules begins on September 21st.
    • This change in schedule was created in order to reduce student screen time, allow our teachers more flexibility in providing instruction, support, direct student outreach and lesson preparation.
    • During the additional time on Mondays teachers may create opportunities for individualized, small group and whole group instruction.
    • Students can use the time to work on course work, participate in co-curricular activities such as student government, meet with other support staff such as counselors, interact with their peers, etc.
    • Principals will communicate the specifics of their school site’s Monday schedule directly to students and families.

    Please click here to see the MOU agreement:  Distance Learning MOU

    Highlights include:

    • A definition of distance learning.
    • Updated student technology use agreement.
    • Specific initiatives targeting the health and safety of our staff including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and standards for air ventilation and filtration.
    • Addition of 2 professional development days held prior to the beginning of the 20-21 school year.

    The negotiations teams are beginning work on the MOU for a modified in-person Transitional Hybrid Model. Priorities remain:

    • Health and safety of all students and staff
    • Student learning and social-emotional well-being
    • Supports for students, staff, and families
    • Fiscal and operational viability


    Videoconferencing: Microsoft Teams and Zoom

    • Teachers have the option for Microsoft Teams or Zoom for classroom instruction and have been given access and instructions from ETIS
    • Teachers will notify students/families directly if they are switching from Microsoft Teams to Zoom
    • If you have any questions, please reach out to your teacher.

    Questions about Zoom, Teams or other technical programs?

    Please visit the Family Technology Support page www.fcusd.org/tech


    FCUSD Return to In-Person Instruction Road Map

    An outline for the steps and plans for returning to in-person learning was presented. Please note: the Full Return to In-Person Plan will be presented at the September 24th Board Meeting.

    The Slide deck presentation can be found here

    Highlights include an outline of the five stages for reopening our schools:

    Stage I: Distance Learning - Current status

    Stage II: Continue Distance Learning and begin 1:1 in-person assessments for Special Education and English Learners.  Begin in-person services for prioritized cohorts of up to 16 children and adults following health/safety guidelines. Cohorts would consist of: Special Education, English Learners, Homeless, Foster Youth, At-Risk students.

    Stage III: Hybrid/Transitional K-12: modified in-person return of students following health/safety guidelines from Sacramento County Public Health.  Virtual academy is still an option.

    Possible elementary opening through the Waiver process

    Stage IV: All students may return following health/safety guidelines

    Stage V: No restrictions (Continued Cleaning Protocols to remain in place)


    Plan to Bring Back In-Person Cohorts of Special Education and English Learner Students  LINK TO PRESENTATION

    Highlights include:

    • Steps for reopening align with Stages in Reopening Roadmap
    • Cohorts of 16 are allowed
    • Serving Students with Unique Needs
      • Special Education, English Learners, Homeless, Foster Youth, At Risk Students


    Elementary Waiver Presentation

    Highlights include

    • Applicant Information
      • TK - 6
      • Consolidated application for all 20 elementary schools
    • Consultation with Various Groups
      • FCEA, CSEA, DELAC, PTA/PTO, School Site Councils, Community Organizations
    • Reopening Plans
      • Health and safety protocols in place
      • Plan posted on website
    • Steps and Timelines
      • Discussion/Action on September 24 Board Meeting
      • Submission 14 days prior to desired start date
      • Approval process - timeline TBD


    Wellness Resources

    FCUSD is committed to providing support and information for all areas of wellness for our students, their families, and our staff. Our team of mental wellness professionals continually work with staff and students, and have compiled information and resources on the site:


    Please visit often, as new information is always being added.

    Resource and Informational Links: 

    Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Dashboards

    Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Website

    California County Variance Info – Data Monitoring Website

    FCUSD COVID-19 Screening Tool, 10-28-20

    FCUSD Student Symptom Decision Tree, 10-27-20

    Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Reopening Guidance for Schools, 10-13-20

    Sacramento County Public Health Schools Testing FAQs, 10-13-20

    Sacramento County Public Health COVID-19 Letter to School Families, 10-13-20

    Sacramento County Public Health: Ordered Closure of Schools 8-28-20

    CDPH: Guidance for Small Cohorts/Groups of Children and Youth, 8-25-20

    CDPH: COVID-19 INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Schools and School-Based Programs, 8-3-20 (updated)

    CDPH: COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Learning Framework for K-12 Schools in California, 2020-2021 School Year, 7-17-20

    Announcement: Sacramento County Schools to move to Distance Learning 7-15-20 

    SB-98 Education finance: education omnibus budget trailer bill, 6-30-20

    CDPH Guidance for Face Coverings, 6-18-20 (updated)

    CIF Return to Physical Activity/Training Guidelines, 6-10-20

    California Department of Public Health INDUSTRY GUIDANCE: Schools and School-Based Programs, 6-5-20

    Sacramento County Office of Education: 2020-21 School Year Planning Document, 6-2-20


    Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:


    Technical support and parent help link:


    Information on student meals:


    Please click on the picture below for Superintendent Sarah Koligian's August 11, 2020 Back to School Message

    Superintendent message to families

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    Thoughtexchange Top Thoughts From Town Hall 6-26

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