• Struggling Student
    Welcome to 2017-2018 School Year!  I am excited to be Sutter Middle School's Intervention Specialist in Mathematics.  I will be available to provide individual help for students who may be struggling in their mathematics class based on teacher recommendations and test scores.  I am hoping to work as a team with your child, parents, and classroom teachers to make their year successful. 
    It is essential that parents review and provide the following:
          * Check individual teacher websites from Sutter Middle School website daily
          * Check PowerSchool and your child's agenda daily and compare it to your child's teacher's website.
          * Please make sure that your child has the appropriate supplies daily (2 pencils, 1 black/blue ballpoint pen, 1 red ballpoint pen, 1 highlighter, 1 scientific calculator, 1 2-pocket homework folder, minimum 5 sheets of binder paper, 5 sheets of xerox paper, 5 sheets of graph paper, earbuds/headphones for use at school)
          * Please check that your child knows his/her Student Login for SMS Computer Access at school, which were distributed in Advisory Wednesday, 8/10/16ri, and should have been written in their Agenda on the first page.  Please contact your child's Advisory teacher if information was lost.
             ** Username = first initial of first name, first 3 letters of last name, last 4 digits of your Student ID #
             ** Password = 
             ** Please check that your child knows his/her Google Chrome Username and Password for receiving and completing assignments for classes.
          * Whenever free time at home is available, have your child logon to iReady Lessons at home to close in the gaps in skill that a student might have in Reading and Mathematics, using their logins distributed in their English Language Arts and Mathematics classes.
    In the Curriculum Support Class, your child's grade will be based upon daily Agenda Checks and participation/progress/time on-task (minimum of 30 minutes per day) on i-Ready Mathematics Lessons, as well as weekly grade checks (student's responsibility to look up and write down grade & missing assignments), backpack checks (organization -- no loose paper, appropriate above-mentioned materials).
    * Wish List Items: 
       ** blue painter's tape
       ** Recycling (bottles, cans, & glass) for fundraiser
       ** kleenex
       ** index cards
    *  My Contact Information:  Mrs. Yen, Room A-10 (7th period only), ayen@fcusd.org
     Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions or issues you have.  I can be very accommodating especially when you speak to me directly first with your issue or concern.  But keep in mind that I have high expectations for all of my students and will always keep in mind whatever benefits the child the most.  I look forward to working with this year's Cougar Team!
    Mrs. Yen