Generate an E-Quote

A quote is needed when submitting a purchase requisition for technology equipment that is not part of the district standards.
Technology Standards for Hardware:
  • HP Computers (desktop and laptops)
  • HP Laserjet printers 
  • LCD Projectors*
 *Please contact Jim Plaskett in Technology regarding LCD Projector purchase

How to Generate an E-Quote for technology purchases from CDWG:
  1. View the supported equipment page - 
  2. Open CDWG E-Quote Spreadsheet  
  3. Click to the right of Description/Location, fill in where the equipment is going to be used - room number, lab, etc and if the equipment is associated with any project such as Lab replacement, PTLW, summer teacher PC replacement.
  4. Select your school (location) from the Site Location drop down list
  5. In the Qty column type in the number of each item you are requesting for this quote. 

       When requisitioning a computer - do you need a monitor, keyboard & mouse?
       For a laptop - do need a docking station, wireless mouse & keyboard, carrying bag/case, second monitor? 

       These parts are no longer automatically added into a purchase, you must select what you need
  6. Save quote.
  7. Generate requistion with detailed information in the req'n: Who is the equipment for, site name, room/location and description of the equiment you would like to purchase.
  8. Type the requisition number in the lower left corner of the quote and save for your records.