• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    Welcome back to Walnutwood High School.  We are looking forward to serving your student during the 2016-17 school year.

    This year we will be implementing a few changes at Walnutwood about which we want to notify you before the beginning of the school year. 

    Because of the district implementation of the new Integrated Math Program and our focus on Common Core instruction, all students who will be taking Integrated Math 1 or 2 (required for graduation for the class of 2017 and beyond) , will be required to attend an extra math session each week that they are enrolled in a math course. During this session, students will work collaboratively on performance tasks with a teacher and other students.  These sessions will not only enrich our student’s study of math concepts but will also prepare them for the Smarter Balanced testing. 

    All middle school students at Walnutwood will be scheduled for two one and half hour sessions per week with their teachers.  Students will be working in collaborative groups with 2-3 other middle school students during their semi-weekly appointments.  This is being done to implement Common Core strategies and to give middle school students more instructional time with their teacher. We also believe that the interaction with other students will also meet the need for social interaction that independent students often have.

    During the 2016-17 school year we will be offering,  a college- prep Chemistry class at Walnutwood.  As they have done with college prep Biology, in the past, students will work with their regular teacher to study the scientific concepts presented in their textbook and then will attend weekly lab sessions where they will apply what they have studied.  We will also continue to offer college-prep Biology with labs for those students hoping to complete the science courses required for the California State and University of California campuses.

    If you have questions about any of our programs, please contact us at 916-294-9105 x 840111 or email me at clinebar@fcusd.org. We look forward to another great year!




    Charlie Linebarger, Principal