How to Request PR Assistance
Media Requests are a way for staff members within the District to request Public Relations support. We take pride in handling your request with professionalism and care. The majority of the requests are approved and then assigned to be completed by a trained student of the department's Communication Internship Program
Types of PR support you can request
Media Advisory:   
If there is an upcoming event that you would like the media to know about you would select this option.
Press Release:  
If there is an event that has already happened that you would like members of the media to know about, you would select this option.
Media Consultation:
If you need assistance with preparing for an interview with the media, need to develop a communications strategy or need help in planning a public event, select this option. 
If you want someone from the Public Relations Office to come to an event to take pictures, you would select this option.
News & Information Content:
If you would like someone from the Public Relations Office to write a story to be posted on the District's website about something going on in the District, you would select this option.
Have Questions?
If you have any questions regarding the media request process, contact the Public Relations Office at (916) 294-9000 ext. 104570 or email
What Kinds of Requests Will be Approved?
Scope of PR Department 
The District's PR Department is charged with sharing the District's story with the media and the community-at-large. Below are examples of the kinds of stories that we consider to be within the scope of our department.
  • Student and faculty successes & achievements
  • Information about our programs and unique opportunities for students
  • Actions of the Board of Education, Cabinet, and District Leadership
  • Changes to educational policies & practices
  • Education/Institution-related information that will have an affect the community-at-large
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide promotional assistance (or advertising) for individual school events, programs or activities. If we receive a request that does not fit into the scope of our office, the request will be denied.
Timeline of Requests
Because we would like to ensure that your request is completed in a professional manner you are encouraged to submit your request at least ten business days in advance. If a request is submitted with ten days we will do what we can to still assist you, but we cannot guarantee approval.   
Submit Media Request Form 
Open the Media Request form (below), fill out completely and submit.  The form will be forwarded to the Public Relations Office for processing.
 icon   Submit Media Request