Cordova Gardens Elementary
Measure N and P Improvements
A major renovation of infrastructure (HVAC, clocks, bells, intrusion, fire systems), classroom interiors and
replacement of classroom furniture and equipment was funded by Measure B.  Measure N has allowed the
school district to return to the site to continue to improve the campus with upgrades to technology, a centralized
library/computer lab, additional new site furniture, irrigation and field repairs, new playground equipment and
new landscaping.
Phase 1 improvements funded from Measure N were completed during the summer of 2007:
  • New student gathering areas at drop off zones
  • New bus loading and student drop-off/pick-up areas
  • New landscape at the front of the campus
  • New security fencing along Dawes and Rinda streets
  • Removal of an old trailer
  • Remodel of the administration area
  • Conversion of four classrooms into a new computer lab and library
  • Installation of a digital marquee
  • Installation of a new apparatus play area
  • Installation of Interactive White Boards (SmartBoards) in all classrooms
  • Student and staff computer replacements
  • Campus-wide wireless access deployment
  • Upgrade of network hardware
Phase 2, 3 and ongoing technology improvements that may by funded through Measure P:
  • Repairs and upgrades to campus common areas
  • Repairs to ball fields
  • Shade structure for playground
  • Continued upgrade of campus computers
  • Install video surveillance