• Our show is coming up next week! We are so excited to perform for all of you. Many parents have been asking about purchasing tickets for the shows as well. Each actor will receive two(2) free tickets for one night's performance, not all three nights, as previously stated. This was a mistake on our part. If this is an issue, just speak to either Mrs. Duarte or Mr. English about it. The goal of Drama Company's performances is to raise enough money through ticket sales to fund our club for the following year. Our ticket prices are very low in relation to surrounding districts and other children's theater companies to encourage as many people as possible to attend, so please buy tickets and encourage friends and family to do the same. There will be no reserving of seats for the shows. We will be holding a raffle as a fundraiser in the next week or so to win front row seats for each performance. Audrey's mom is heading this up!