• Latino Family Literacy Project

    The Latino Family Literacy Project offers staff development training workshops for parent involvement to teachers who work with Latino parents and their children in building a regular family reading routine and developing strong English-language skills.
    Program Overview
    The Latino Family Literacy Project provides proven, cost-effective parent involvement programs and training for teachers. The literacy programs and training workshops are designed to establish family reading routines for Spanish- and English- speaking parents and their children at your school site. The Project introduces the teachers to a language acquisition method and a step-by-step literacy instruction process. It involves family reading, vocabulary development, and English-language development for Latino parents and children.
    Each of the age specific programs engages the parents in reading with their children, reflects the experiences of Latino families, and is centered around universal themes. All materials, books and curricula used are bilingual and in a simple format. This program can be used to teach English language and Spanish language skills and has multilevel English language lessons to include new vocabulary, verb conjugation grammar and structure, conversation and practice opportunities.
    Each program has a built-in evaluation process to measure the success of what the parent learned in class and includes at home skill-based activities for parents and children that support the state standards for each specific age group.
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