• We sure do have a lot to celebrate here at Theodore Judah! We had quite a few students participate in the District Writing Celebration and we had a lot of winners! This is GREAT NEWS!! Here are the names of our winners! Congratulations to you all!

    Siddharth Ray
    Doug Dudek
    Janya Sinha
    Amritha Sivaprasath
    Gopika Srvastava
    Manam Malik
    Rishabah Venkataramani
    Ahana Raghavan
    Rishi Grandhi
    Adriana Ishac

    Lavanya Gnanakumar
    Isabella Lundstrom
    Shreya Srkanth

    Annie Dai
    Summer Klayman
    Camilia Merlos Rodriguez
    Phong Nguyen

    *** Pictures will be added soon! :)


    ALSO, our TJ Chess Club also has fabulous news and names to mention VERY soon! Way to GO Chess Club! Thank you Mrs. Mary for the FUN! Our students love you! You should ALL be SO proud! Great Job!

    ***Pictures will be added soon for this too!! :)

    Keep up the great work TJ Cougars!!

    Happy EARTH DAY! April 22nd! Let's continue to make our world a better place!

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